While we are in the process of renovation, Mistress Crimson may still be contacted.

As the former Headmistress of one of New York’s most highly esteemed dungeons, Mistress Crimson’s depth of experience and statuesque, feline beauty are without boundaries or limits. A few minutes in Her presence is all that is necessary for even the most accomplished male to feel a hopeless sense of uncertainty and doubt concerning his actual place and purpose in the world; without a doubt Mistress Crimson will invade, possess, and instantly exploit without hesitation to take him into the realm of complete and utter submission to Her will. Activities reinforcing Her style of training include CBT, foot and boot worship, corporal punishment, transformation, humiliation, and possibly public events for the select few who qualify.

Event coordinator, patron of S&M arts, headmistress, world traveler, accomplished femme fatale: Mistress Crimson is all of this and more. Known throughout the BDSM community for Her exuberance, joie de vivre, zest for the cutting edge in music and art, and simple generosity, She cannot be denied or evaded. Come to Her sincerely with hat in hand, prepared to be humbled and exposed in your true role as a pedestal and platform for Her greater spiritual, financial, and emotional goals.

Mistress Crimson: Astonishing, mesmerizing… you will never be the same.
To contact Mistress Crimson send a polite letter, including references from any Professional Dominas you have sessioned with to MSPunish @ aol . com